Terrance A. Bell - Producer, Composer & Keyboard Artist

SKYGOD RECORDINGS was founded in Houston, Texas in 2010, but Terrance , nicknamed -- T'Bell, moved his business to the "Music Capital of the World," Austin, Texas in 2011.  Born Aquarius in 1989 under the rock dragon chinese sign, Terrance Anthony Bell has been in performing arts since he was five years old.  Taking piano lessons at the age of five and tap dance lessons under his mom, Crystal, Terrance learned perfoming arts at a young age. Crystal worked as a marketing member for the Encore Theatre in Houston Texas in 1998, and for the historical Lincoln Theater in 2004, which was under the management of The Lincoln Group, owned by Theodore "Teddy" Jemison Jr. and Associates.  Teddy Jemison is the son of the Civil Rights activist Rev. Ted Jemison.  In early 2003 and 2002-2004 the Lincoln Theater was the home of 'The Chittling Circuit,' produced by Teddy Jemison Jr.  In 2004, Terrance made his debut in comedy as Santa's angry lil' baby brother in the comical play, The Christmas Fairy, a Christmas play written and produced by Crystal Mayes.

Since then, Terrance has composed over thirty songs and has mastered his own techniques in keyboarding and has established his own music company, where he is also developing and managing his own label under -- SKYGOD RECORDINGS.  Not without hardships and struggles, Terrance continued to perserve into the new millenium with his Skygod Recordings music business.  His goal is to keep promoting his own label and to assist other young musicians with a new style of music  -- promoting not just the genre of trance or Electronica music but also to inspire new trends in the variations of Electronic Music.  

Having a popular name like 'Terrance Bell' -- make no mistake that he is not just another Terrance Bell on the music scene.  After making his acting debut at the historical Lincoln Theatre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2004 Terrance also writes books, is a comic illustrator, and he is a hard working college student.

Currently, Terrance is releasing his first online album entitled, "SkyGod Recordings -- The Beginning."  It is currently online and can be seen/heard on CdBaby.com.  His first (debut) album is a collection of electronica music, diversified in the technique in Trance, Industrial Trance, Contemporary and House instrumental dance grooves, perfect for the club scene and for every party mix!



SkyGod Recordings 2011

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